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Loading and unloading platform series
Loading and unloading platform series
SJG scissors lift elevator
Guide rail hydraulic lifting platform
High-altitude operating platform series
Aluminum alloy high-altitude operating platform
Hydraulic cart series
Custom-made special hydraulic lifting platform
About Us
Suzhou Suowos Hydraulic Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer integrating professionalism and development. It is located in the hinterland of Jiangnan Water Town, which is known as “the paradise of human beings and the land of fish and rice”. It is located in Taihu Avenue, New District Science and Technology City; south to Suzhou, north to Wuxi, west to Taihu Lake; Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal are all within easy reach.
Customer case
No blemish in quality, no fault in service
Every customer's request must have a reason. We cannot blindly think why things are absolutely correct. The first thing to do is to see what we have, and then to solve the problem in the two sides.
Return within ten days
One month package
One year free repair
The product received by the customer does not meet the requirements of the order, resulting in improper use; the product has defects that can not be used properly and can not be repaired.
The product received by the customer does not match the type of the product ordered; it is defective in the course of delivery and cannot be repaired.
Within one year from the date of delivery of the product, under normal use, equipment failure caused by product quality (improper use, etc., not covered by warranty) shall be repaired free of charge.
SWS offers a one-stop service to meet customer needs. Provide remote telephone technical support service, on-line video technical support service, door-to-door after-sale technical support service, through a quick and simple way to give the corresponding solutions.
SWS provides some operating methods and safety precautions during the use of the lift platform, and puts up safety warning signs at key locations of the equipment.
Accessories Support
SWS has spare parts and spare parts library, complete product spare parts service for you, at the same time we will provide 10 years spare parts supply guarantee for the products sold.
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